Drozdov & partners

Created in 1997 in Kharkiv, “Drozdov&Partners” deals with architecture and urbanism. Over twenty years of its history, around 200 projects have been designed, several dozen out of which being built. The portfolio features projects of various typologies, both in Ukraine and abroad. Besides design activity, the office constantly initiates and takes part in various public and educational initiatives.


For us, architecture is a way to learn more about the society, the city and ourselves. Every project comes as a reinterpretation of the context increasing our awareness of it, both as architects and users. It is a complicated “cocktail” of various circumstances which are always mixed up in different proportions. The success of the project eventually depends on the extent of our immersion into the task and on the accuracy of our statement, which always lies at the intersection of pragmaticism and idealism.

Nicola Giammarrusti

Nicola Giammarrusti e' un Agente Immobiliare che ha conseguito il suo titolo nel 2006, la sua esperienza abbraccia tutte le tematiche della compravendita, affitto, vendita, per immobili residenziali commerciali e industriali. La sua agenzia Diamonds Realty, fondata nel 2010, e' conosciuta come marchio di qualità' e professionalità'.

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